DC:2019+ New 216-0810001 216 0810001 BGA Chipset

Tagi: palielināt pārvērst, bd deju zamšādas, vhm 314 bluetooth, msi gpu, acdc t krekls vintage, 9v dc stepdown, bmw lvds konvertētājs, dc solis uz augšu, sieviešu bga, dc solis uz leju.

€23.62 €29.52
  • Pieejams
  • w999

  • Izkliedes Jauda: starptautiskais standarts
  • stāvoklis: Jauns
  • Barošanas Spriegums: starptautiskais standarts
  • Veids: Disks IC
  • Pieteikums: Dators
  • Modeļa Numurs: 216-0810001
  • Zīmola Nosaukums: SUHMS
  • Darbības Temperatūra: starptautiskais standarts
  • Iepakojums: bga

Omar El Tigre
Put in iMac 21.5 flight normal first day. I will add
The goods came quickly and looked like no suspicion at me. I'll make a reservation that I'm not a specialist, but what chip I need knew for sure. It all popped up when I brought it to Speza for Pike. He looked under the microscope and immediately handed down the sentence that it was "grinding". Also added that this chip could not be produced in 2019, TC they were removed from production at 2016. He took it without any guarantee that it would work at all. During the warm-up, at 120 degrees, the chip began to produce crunches, the master stopped the heating and said that the Chinese did not even bother to dry it. They waited a little while and finished. Did not burst, yay)) included the laptop and it even determined the chip, but after installing the drivers, special said: It's an engineering version. I don't know how she got on sale. I'll just say that the release of the chip was in 2008, and this is the prerelease assembly. On it firewood is not found ..... Well, I opened a dispute. The seller did not understand what I wanted from him. AliExpress solved the dispute in my favor. Money returned
All works seller recommend
Kolya Pasiev
Thank you. Good product

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