7in Silikona Dildo, Vibratori Sievietēm Milzīgs Penis, Lesbiete, Rotaļlietas, Pieaugušo Erotiska Seksa Rīki Reāli Dzimumlocekļa Sieviešu Masturbācija Rotaļlietas

Tagi: dildo vibrat, pelējuma maksts, licker, vīrieši reāli, seksa rotaļlietas squirt sieviešu masturbācija, seksa rotaļlieta, vibrat, dildo doubl, dildo reālistiskā, vecum penis, vibrators.

€34.58 €49.40
  • Pieejams
  • w89926

  • Neto Svars: par 350g
  • Izmērs: 227*99.5*71mm
  • Seksuāli Divdomīgs: No
  • krāsa: Ādas Krāsa
  • Materiāls: Medicīniskā Silikona
  • Ūdensizturīgs: 100% ūdensizturīgs (pārzinis nav ūdensizturīgs)
  • Neķītrs Attēlu: No
  • Modeļa Numurs: Reālistisks Dildo
  • Vienuma Tips: Dildo
  • Vibrācijas: 10 frekvences vibrācijas + šūpoles
  • Pieteikums: Sieviešu masturbācija

All as in the photo. The vibration is not enough, it concentrates in the middle, Unevenly in the entire length. Shipping fast. I did not finish immediately that the device works only from the network, while the cord is short. This is everywhere you need an extension cord, very uncomfortable.
Medium. The toy is only needed to finish its work until the end if it is already strongly excited. And for this it still needs a partner (I helped my husband for fun). Therefore, I advise girls to see another option where a small part responsible for the excitation of the clitoris has been added to фаллоимитатору, which makes a bigger result. I still did not like that it works only from the cord, and the cord is slightly less than a meter. Therefore, you can use only through an extension cord or a trailer in the wall near the outlet. I'll just say that the second option did not try, because the walls in the wallpaper, and they will not stick to them. Delivered three stars, as the delivery is fast, the goods are tracked, the size is good. Color, as for some, was not important to me. I bought it not to carry it in my hands, as an accessory in the form of a handbag, and for other purposes.
Ismagilov Dinar
The texture and shape are great. It feels good as well. The one draw back is the cord. You have to have a port REALLY close by for it to work.

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