Korejiešu Stilā, Sieviešu Ziemas Jaka Ar Rāvējslēdzēju Stand Apkakli Drukāšanas Zaudēt Sieviešu Parkas Bieza Kokvilnas Polsterētām Sieviešu Mētelis Lodeszivs

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€27.05 €36.56
  • Pieejams
  • w66764

  • Apdare: Rāvējslēdzēji
  • Stils: Ikdienas
  • Svars: 0.78kg
  • Biezums: Bieza (Ziemas)
  • Materiāls: Poliestera
  • Modeļa Numurs: 027D12
  • Piedurknes Garums(cm): Pilna
  • Apģērba Garums: Regulāri
  • Slēgšanas Tips: rāvējslēdzēju
  • Kapuci: Jā
  • Vecums: Vecums 18-35 Gadi
  • Uzpildes: Spray-kokšķiedru Vate
  • Modelis Tips: Vēstule
  • Izcelsme: KN(Izcelsmes valsts)
  • Dzimums: SIEVIETES
  • Zīmola Nosaukums: chu zīmes
  • Sezona: Ziemas
  • Auduma Veids: Broadcloth
  • Veids: Regulāri


(cm) Krūtis

(cm) Audums Garums

(cm) Piedurknes Garums

(cm) M 60 122 70 49 L 61 126 71 50 XL 62 130 72 51


Lanegra 100
As soon as I received-it was a little disappointed, because. The jacket was strongly compressed and in size L by 90-73-95 strongly oversize. I'm inclined to order m, judging by the previous review, there, a girl with a height of 171 ordered m and she clearly does not end up, and I have a height of 168. But in correspondence, the seller convinced me that I was gentle L. The result is bolshevata and in width and in length of sleeves, I think m would be better! But if you look at the photo of the seller GLE jacket on the model, then that's how it looks on me! Think this is about Croy, I did not really like the sleeves-they are wide enough at the bottom and there is no cuff, due to this they look long, but apparently this idea. About the strong bruising on receipt, originally informed on the hanger, I thought it would fall off and smooth out-I had a spring of 5 days-I did not get ironed. Today I took the iron and walked through the tricked through it steaming inside and outside-quite a different kind became at the jacket! In general, more yes than no! Quality is good, you need to get used to the style!
Jacket as in the photo, delivery quickly, white, size and height correspond, not malomerka. Cloth glue and synthetics inside, but you can wear
I was wonderful!
Seemo 1985
The jacket liked, not heavy, the color is boiling white, there is no smell, the thread does not stick out, on my height 158, even the sleeves are too long. At OG 102, the size approached perfectly. Delivery to Mosk. The region is a month, because of our mail, the week went to distribution centers. The seller is sociable, answers the messages, as a gift put a rubber band. Thank you.

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