JOCKMAIL bokseris vīriešiem, sexy veļa, kokvilnas Svītrainām varavīksnes modes Jauniešu boxershorts Gejs apakšveļā ar Zemu vidukli, elpojošs biksītes

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€3.99 €4.20
  • Pieejams
  • w3764

  • Materiāls: Spandex
  • Dzimums: VĪRIEŠI
  • Neķītrs Attēlu: No
  • Modelis Tips: svītrains
  • Seksuāli Divdomīgs: No
  • Biksītes & Bokseri: Pusgarās Sporta Bikses-Bokseršortus
  • Zīmola Nosaukums: JOCKMAIL
  • Modeļa Numurs: JM460

Seksīgi Vīriešu Apakšveļa Vīriešiem Bokseris Biksītes Apakšbikses Jockstrap Geju Vīriešu biksītes Cuecas Vīriešiem Īss Bikini Saskaņā Valkāt Cilvēks Srting Cilvēks šorti

Dina Alieva
Always a little worrying about the sizing, as I normally take a medium, but according to the size guide I needed to order large, which I did. I needn't have worried, as when the underwear arrived, it's a perfect fit. Both the cut and the waistband are really comfortable to wear. Time will tell how well they wash, but on first impressions, I'm very impressed and very happy with my purchase. The seller's service was excellent as well. They were dispatched soon after placing the order and they arrived remarkably quickly – especially given that we are experiencing postal delays due to the Covid-19 pandemic. I'd highly recommend both the underwear AND this seller.
Quality is super, delivery is fast
Radmila1 01
product is as described and expected package within the time allotted. I will definitely be ordering more material is soft and durable. Thank you #Jockmail

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