Miseey 50M 70M 100M 120M Uzlādējams Laser Rangefinder Jaunu Lāzera Attāluma Mērītājs Lāzera Pasākums Leņķis Rīki Diastimeter Sarkana

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€28.52 €58.21
  • Pieejams
  • w13440

  • Izcelsme: KN(Izcelsmes valsts)
  • Īpaša Iezīme: leņķa mērīšana
  • Attāluma mērīšana: Jā
  • Modeļa Numurs: 50M
  • Mērījumu Precizitāte: +-2mm
  • Max/min mērīšanas: Jā
  • Izmērs: 115*49*26mm
  • krāsa: sarkana
  • Sertifikācija: FCC
  • Recharger kabelis: Micro USB Kabeļa
  • Laukuma mērīšana: Jā
  • Zīmola Nosaukums: MiLESEEY
  • Barošanas Veids: Uzlādējams
  • Tilpuma mērīšana: Jā

Mileseey Lāzera Attāluma Mērītājs Jaunas Ielidošanas 50m Laser Rangefinder Lāzera Pasākums Rīki Diastimeter Sarkana

Model M2, with a range of 70 m, no logo and company name, in correspondence, the seller confirmed the authenticity of the device. Included is a cover without logos cord and manual. On the back of the box are drawn 9 main calculations, the functionality is more than in the description, measures angles flattened and on the side, metering and calculations does instantly, measures catets through an obstacle On the corner and length of the hypotency, also measures the height along the length of the adjacent sides and the corner between them, in fact is an analog of Bosch glm50 only without Bluetooth, but it is not all needed The quality is excellent, the appearance does not stick. With bright sun, the screen is perfectly readable, you need to look at the screen at an angle of less than 90 ° and everything is perfectly visible. Measurements do at Cheers more than stated, The order was made from Russia, it came in 6 days. On the screen pasted a Universal film for tablets, lay down wonderful Measurements at long distances are better to do from the tripod because the microbial hair of the hand on the device at the end point turn into meters variations on the sides
Roulette fire .. I recommend
Laser Range Finder arrived in 40 days. Packed in a polybag, inside a set of rangefinder, cover, English Manual, came without batteries (the seller drives on the covide).
Pretty Me 18
Ordered for 50 m came for 120 m, now I do not know whether to be happy or upset

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